Who are Perth Plumbing Solutions?

The People Behind The Tools

The company was started by two men, Scott Flory & Keith Murtagh. Both emigrated from England and Ireland in search of a better life for themselves and their family. They met in Perth while working for a plumbing contractor before going off on their own. "Personally, we never felt that the customer experience was front of mind for any employer we had worked for over the years. Getting as many jobs finished in a day is not what we wanted to do with our lives so we decided to create a business that forged genuine partnerships with our clients and didn't just treat them as number. Now, we have clients who see us as friends and trust our word. That principle of trust is what Perth Plumbing solutions was founded upon". 


Scott Flory is from Essex, outside London. He started his career in plumbing at 15 years old. Working for a local plumbing shop who specialised in plumbing supply sales and maintenance, he learned his trade carrying out mostly domestic repair and service jobs. Scott eventually moved on to a larger firm when he was in his early 20's in search of more broader commercial experience. He worked his way up to supervisor and managed a team of over 20 people on various building projects in London city. Forever being entrepreneurial, Scott decided to open up his own plumbing business and ran a successful company for 5 years before emigrating to Perth. "I just loved being my own boss and taking on the responsibility". 

Scott does not miss the cold and rainy London winter's but certainly appreciates the experience he received there working on far more complex water and heating systems when compared to Western Australia. 

Scott has been married to his wonderful wife Emma, a secondary school teacher, for over 10 years. Childhood sweethearts, they have been together through thick and thin. While they don't have any kids, they are blessed with two dogs, Rocky and Ruby, who are mother and son. 



Keith Murtagh is from Dublin, Ireland. He got in to plumbing for the same reason many of us started our careers, because he didn’t know what he really wanted to do. Keith hoped that he wouldn’t even get the 1st plumbing job he applied for as his image of plumbers was “hairy men bending down under the sink”. During the application process, his future 1st boss could sense Keith’s uncertainty about the profession, but he saw something in Keith he liked and asked him “do you even know any plumbers”? Keith responded “yeah, Mario and Luigi!” with his famous quick wit. His boss laughed and laughed and gave him the job over many other who appeared far more interested. This honesty that Keith embodies is what his boss wanted in his employees. 

Luckily, Keith fell in love with plumbing. Tom, his 1st boss was a great teacher who taught him the value of making long term customers. His moto is ‘don’t try to just make money but instead to make a customer’. Keith has always taken this very seriously and has shaped his outlook today. “Every job Scott & I do now is how Tom taught me. “We do our best work every time, so the customer is happy to have us back and comfortable with us as their plumber. It’s that simple!”. 

Keith is married with two beautiful children. He loves the opportunities that are available to his kids in Perth. He really misses his family in Ireland but know his wife and kids are most happy here which drives him to succeed. “Everything I do is for them!”. 

Don't DIY plumbing. It's just not worth it. Call Perth Plumbing Solutions and trust us!

Don't DIY plumbing. It's just not worth it. Call Perth Plumbing Solutions and trust us!